Electric Service Upgrade


We've been living with 2 circuits of an old, cobbled-together 60amp electric service for 12 years.  The "kitchen" runs off extension cords and anything you want to plug in must be on an extension cord that plugs into one of 2 basement sockets. We started installing a brand new electrical system almost immediately upon moving in.  Given the jigsaw puzzle quality of this renovation, other projects always had to come first. Plumbing, HVAC, furring strips, insulation, drywall.  We finally found ourselves ready to make the switch over from an old, nearly Rube Goldberg-esque, overhead, 60amp service to an underground, 200amp service that's actually up to code.


As with so many of our projects, it started with digging a long trench.  I'm asking myself at this point, "why don't we own a trencher?" The trench went from the house...


...to the driveway...

...to the street.


It seems to simple to mention that the utility wire was laid in the aforementioned trench. But it really took a lot of research and consultation with Com-Ed to identify exactly what wire needed to be used and where to get it.


We then built an H-frame to hold the meter base and service disconnect and wired them.


Now, to dress it up a bit with these faux stone pillars we bought at Lowe's.  Also, it was finally time to mount our landmark plaque.


Before and after:


Overhead 60amp service Underground 200amp service


60amp fusebox 200amp breaker